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sg1_debrief's Journal

SG-1 Debrief - The Stargate SG-1 LJ Newsletter
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Welcome to sg1_debrief, the weekly compilation of things Stargate SG-1 on Livejournal.

You can contact the maintainers by PM.

Maintainers: magnavox_23 & eilidh17

What we link to: sg1_debrief only links to posts on Livejournal (with the exception of general announcements and media).

Also, we only link to public posts. Unless it is noted in a particular post that the poster does not want the post linked, or the poster have opted out (see below), we will consider any public post for linking. However, we will not link to hate communities or posts that make personal attacks against other fans or posters, or use racist, sexist. homophobic, ableist, etc. language.

This is not a rec list. We will link to any eligible content.

How to get your stuff linked: Content for the newsletter is taken primarily from the newsletter watch list. Joining the newsletter community does NOT automatically add you to the watch list. If you post regularly about SG-1 and want to have your posts picked up, you need to either email eppur_simuove@yahoo.com.au or eilidh17@yahoo.com with a complete link to your Livejournal (http://yourljname.livejournal.com), PM either magnavox_23 or eilidh17, or, leave us a comment to the latest debrief with your details. Please remember, we only link to publicly posted content. If your SG-1 content is locked, or your entire journal is locked, we will not add your journal to the watchlist.

Please note that it may take us a few days to get you added, but if you don't see sg1debrief show up on your "friend of" list within a week, follow up with us.

I'm on the watchlist and my post didn't get picked up. What happened?: We watch over 100 journals and 80 communities, and occasionally posts do get missed due to human error. We look specifically for SG-1 content, so make sure your post is clearly labelled or identifiable as an SG-1 related post. If there's nothing in the post title or cut-tag text to indicate there's SG-1 content there, it won't get tagged. Also, if identifying information about your story (genre, pairing) is only listed only in the cut tag, editors will not see it, and it will be listed in Uncategorised. We will be happy to move it to the appropriate category after publication if you supply the information.

If you post Stargate Atlantis or Stargate Universe fic that has SG-1 characters, make sure it's clearly labelled with the SG-1 character names. Please note, though, that fic involving Sam Carter specifically and/or only in her role on SGA will not be covered.

If a story has no identifying information (no title, genre, or pairing), it will not be listed in the newsletter.

For recs, if the title of the recced story is not given in the rec post, the rec will not be listed in the newsletter.

Submissions: We also gladly accept submissions. While we will not update a current newsletter entry, you can post a direct link and short description of your submission in the comments of the current issue, for the next regular issue. We do reserve the right not to accept any submission that goes against our linking policy as stated above.

If you submit a link we missed, we will include it in the next regular issue.

With the exception of the announcements and media categories, we only link to material on Livejournal.

Submissions for a current issue must be turned in by Fridays, the day before the issue is posted (currently Saturday publication) and must include:

-If sent by PM, the subject line MUST include "SG1 Debrief Submission"
-Description (including, if applicable, rating, pairing, spoilers)
-Direct link to the post

I don't want my post linked: If you wish to have a link to any of your content removed, PM a maintainer with your Livejournal name and a direct link to the post in question, and we will remove it as soon as possible.

If you do not want to ever be linked by sg1_debrief, please PM a maintainer, and we will remove your journal from the watch list. If you are not on the watch list but regularly post to a community that we watch, you will need to note clearly at the top of each post that you do not want your content linked in the newsletter.

Ratings, Warnings and Spoilers: We will note ratings where possible, but if there isn't a rating noted for a link, do not assume that it is work-safe or family-friendly.

We will note spoilers for meta and image posts if possible. However, we will not note them on links to fic. Please pay attention to spoiler warnings in the headers of individual stories (if at all possible, we will link to a full post, not to a cut-tag, so that headers are clearly visible).

Also, if we do note a rating or a spoiler warning, we use what was supplied by the poster. We do not vet posts for accuracy. Follow all links at your own risk.

Suggestion Box: If you have suggestions about how we can improve SG-1 Debrief, or things you might want to see as part of SG-1 Debrief, please PM us.

SG-1 Debrief Format:

Admin: Updates about the community.

Announcements: General announcements, new communities, ficathons, challenges, deadline reminders, etc.

Cast and Crew News/Media Hits: Interviews with cast and crew, cast photos, SG-1 mentions in the media, con reports, etc.

Conventions: Convention news, announcements and reports related to SG-1.

Movies and Spinoffs: Information about the movies and possible new spin-off series.

Episode Commentaries: We will note which episode is being discussed, but be aware that there may be spoilers for other episodes in comments on episode commentaries.

Meta and Discussion: Any discussion not related to specific episode commentary (however, in the case where the episode commentary is a basis for a wider-ranging discussion, it will be linked in this section).

Fic: New fic. We will note the pairing, rating and completion status for each fic as best we can.

Recs: Fic recs.

Images: Wallpapers, icons, screencaps, fanart and other artwork.

Audio and Vids: Links to fanmixes, podfic, vids, vidding commentary and vidding meta that relates directly to SG-1.

Grab Bag: Anything that doesn't fit into any the above categories.

Policies updated 3/06/2014

**Format and policies are subject to change without notice**

Disclaimer: If we have missed your story/post/icons/vids/etc., be assured that it was not intentional. Our aim is to represent SG-1 fandom on Livejournal as completely as possible, so please feel free to send us an email or respond to the comments of the current issue with anything we missed and it will be included in the next issue.

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