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SG-1 Debrief - Stargate SG-1 Newsletter - Issue 314 - 08/09/2014

Please note that while we try to note spoilers in meta posts where possible, and we try to make sure links for new material like the movies are categorised separately and clearly labelled, we can't guarantee that posts are spoiler-free. Follow all links at your own risk.


General Announcements
ADMIN: Official Change of Ownership by matt1969 posted in daniel_vala

Friendship Alphabet Soup sign-ups by sg_fignewton

Challenges & Prompts
Apocalypse Kree! PROMP CLAIMING! by roeskva

Conventions – News, Questions, Announcements and Reports
Oz Comic Con Report: Sat & Sun by magnavox_23
It's Dragon Con! by magickmoons

Episode, Movie Reviews and Commentaries
Episode of the Week: 'Descent' by gateworld


Sentry Duty by sg_fignewton
Committee by magickmoons posted in stargatefic
Strategem by sg_fignewton
The Art of Smiling by sg_fignewton
Eyes on the Stars by sg_fignewton
Transferring from the Pentagon by sg_fignewton

Now Under New Management by sg_wonderland Daniel/Vala
Inarticulate Speech of the Heart by jennickels posted in tokra_kree Sam/Jack
Going Steady by ami_ven posted in sam_and_jack Moebius!Sam/Moebius!Jack
Second That Emotion by ami_ven posted in sam_and_jack Sam/Jack Rated: G

Other Crossovers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1: Nowhere To Go But Up by jedibuttercup


Promo Pics/Screencaps/Picspam
Screencaps, Stargate SG-1: Chimera (s07xe15) by roeskva
Screencaps and pictures, Tok'ra, Cordesh by queen_egeria posted in tokra_kree
Screencaps, Stargate SG-1: Fallout (s07xe14) by roeskva
Screencaps, Stargate SG-1: Grace (s07xe13) by roeskva
Screencaps, Stargate SG-1: Evolutions II (s07xe12) by roeskva

Naarmamo Day Thirty-One by sallymn

Wallpapers/Banners/Fan Art/Manips
Stargate Con Digital Scraps Layout by seshat0120
Weekend Graphics by seshat0120
LOLSideways by lolmac
LOLDressup by lolmac
LOLMac II by lolmac

Art Recs
Wallpaper Wednesday - "Stargates" recd by antares04a posted in jd_daily

Grab Bag
Sam and Jack Awards Nomination! by traycer_
Linkspam didn't read the manifesto by cofax7
Driftin' by magnavox_23

Disclaimer: If we have missed including your story/post/icons/vids/etc., be assured that it was not intentional. Our aim is to represent SG-1 fandom on Livejournal as completely as possible, so please feel free to send us an email or respond to the comments of the current issue with anything we missed and it will be included in the next issue.

If you want to submit a link, or want to opt out of being linked, please see the instructions on the community info page.
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