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Admin Post: Watchlist and Submission update

It has been bought to our attention that the email account we have for accepting new journals and commnities to the watchlist and accepting submissions has been playing up much more extensively than we originally though. We are receiving failure to deliver notifications and emails from prospective members weeks after they have sent them to us, thus we have been unable to include their content in the newsletter.

So to hopefully make things a little easier on everyone, if you would like your journal or community added to the watchlist, or would like a submission added to the next newsletter, you can do so by either:

emailing eilidh17 at eilidh17 @ yahoo dot com, or magnavox_23 at eppur_simuove @ yahoo dot com dot au


PMing either eilidh17 or magnavox_23


Leaving the details of your journal, community, or submission as a comment in the most recent newsletter.

The sg1_debrief profile page also contains this updated information.

Our apologies to anyone who has been inconvenienced or upset by this occurance. It is not our intention to leave out content by anyone wishing to contribute to the SG-1 fandom. I have added the journals and communites of those who have made me aware of the situation, however if you have sent anything to us by email in the past few weeks and it has not been added, please contact us by any of the means above and we will make sure your work is included.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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