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Big Bad Admin Post

Just trialling a minor change to the way in which we will be collecting and posting links to multi-chapter fics. The newsletter will now only be linking to the first chapter or a masterlist of a multi-chapter work PER NEWSLETTER. This is due to the amount of multi-chapter fic being posted within the week between newsletters, and the amount of work involved in coding every individual link (sometimes 20-30 chapters for the one story) for the newsletter.

For example, if you post chapters 1-10 one week and 11-20 the next week, we will include chapters 1 and 11 in the newsletter over those 2 weeks. Make sense?

We are asking writers to please ensure that they provide links to subsequent chapters in their own posts so that readers are able to navigate their stories.

Our apologies if this is of any inconvenience to anyone. Comments are open to anyone wishing to discuss this further, thank you.
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